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First ever rankings of Top 10 death rates for every London borough

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London Health Commission urged to consider separately exposures, health impacts and outcomes.  Prevention is better than cure and protection is not just about treating the unwell Clean Air in London commissioned the Office for National Statistics to rank the top … Continue reading

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Mayor takes five backward steps from his own London Plan

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Consultation on ‘Air Quality Neutral’ in Sustainable Design and Construction SPG By setting lax standards for developers the Mayor is forcing himself to introduce draconian transport measures to reduce carcinogenic air pollution and comply with limit values Dear Mayor Johnson I … Continue reading

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It’s official: Outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer

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World Health Organisation classifies outdoor air pollution and particulate matter as carcinogenic to humans The specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organisation, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), announced today that it has classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic … Continue reading

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Defra did cover-up smog warnings and would scrap local monitoring

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Government covered-up three legally-required smog warnings in the fortnight after launching a consultation proposing the scrapping of local monitoring by others In two incidents, the Government: says another monitoring network is ‘separate’; and blames [sudden and] ‘worst case’ instrument malfunction/vandalism/power … Continue reading

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EU (much) more ‘competent’ than UK Government on air quality

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Call for Evidence: Environment and Climate Change Only the EU has competence to set Europe-wide product standards and environmental limits 75% of UK respondents to a recent Eurobarometer survey on ‘Attitudes of European towards air quality’ think that the EU … Continue reading

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Highest NO2 of any capital city in Europe again

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Boris Johnson must act in ‘Green Week’ in  the ‘Year of Air’ after failing miserably to reduce air pollution London again has the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gas, of any capital city in Europe according to … Continue reading

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Launch of Clean Air in Cities app and Birkett Index

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‘World first’: Launch of Clean Air in Cities IndexTM (or Birkett IndexTM) and App to report the health impact on the population of long-term exposure to air pollution Over 100 MPs responded to a survey for ‘Clean Air in London’ … Continue reading

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Landmark legal victory for ClientEarth

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Supreme Court declares UK in breach of nitrogen dioxide legal limits and refers case to the Court of Justice of the European Union Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London, said: “Congratulations to ClientEarth on its landmark … Continue reading

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‘Free market’ anarchists lobbying EU Environment Ministers to weaken health protections

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‘Year of Air’ in 2013 Government is expected to lobby for weaker public health protections at an informal meeting of EU Environment Ministers in Dublin next Monday and Tuesday Instead, we must hammer harmful emissions against the anvil of air … Continue reading

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Effective local action on air pollution in London

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Presentation at Mapping for Change conference ‘Effective local action on air pollution in London’ at University College London on 17 April 2013. Details at: Useful links and 1.  Keith Taylor’s guide: ‘Air Pollution: The Invisible Killer’ 2.  Smog … Continue reading

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Air quality in hospitals may be no better than warehouses

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Investigation needed into indoor air quality guidance and compliance in healthcare premises Department of Health guidance for healthcare premises has not been updated to ensure compliance with BS EN 13779:2007 which sets standards for the selection of air filters to achieve … Continue reading

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Clean Air in London Awards 2013

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Bianca Jagger, Founder and Chair of The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, receives award and special mention Inaugural Clean Air in London Awards recognise 24 contributions to improving air quality Keith Taylor MEP (Green) joins four MEPs and others as … Continue reading

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Smog expected to hang over the Supreme Court on Thursday

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Smog is expected to hang over the Supreme Court as it hears the most important air pollution case for a generation NO2 laws are the most powerful tool citizens have to hammer down carcinogenic diesel exhaust and other toxic pollutants from … Continue reading

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Most-read stories of 2012

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A look back at the media releases and campaign letters that proved the most popular in 2012. January ‘Clean Air in London’ lodges complaint over breaches of air pollution laws in London Guide to health impacts:  ‘Invisible’ air pollution … Continue reading

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Government systematically hiding smog episodes 60 years after the ‘Great Smog’

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Government hid a number of ‘High’ air pollution events during the Olympics and Paralympic Games.  Endurance athletes may have been affected.  Government also hid a ‘High’ pollution episode in parts of the UK just days before the 60th anniversary of … Continue reading