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Response to Environmental Audit Committee Call for evidence on air quality

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Defra may be shifting from passively covering up the air pollution issue to actively covering up the issue and its role in fighting it Busy fool might have achieved greater reductions in air pollution concentrations and/or done more to warn … Continue reading

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Clean Air in Cities Awards 2014

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Clean Air in Cities Awards recognise 24 contributions to improving air quality London Air Quality Network receives award and special mention  John Tomlinson becomes an Honorary Founder Supporter Clean Air in London (CAL) announces its second annual Clean Air in … Continue reading

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Vote for your favourite Davey Cartoon

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Clean Air in London and Andy Davey, the award winning cartoonist, have published the last in a series of 12 cartoons about air pollution in London The Green Party wins the “Clean Air Championships” followed closely by Ed Miliband and … Continue reading

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Licensed Taxi Drivers Association supports our air pollution campaign

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Licenced Taxi Drivers Association supports Clean Air in London’s campaign to build public understanding of air pollution The Licenced Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has agreed to support Clean Air in London’s (CAL’s) campaign to build public understanding of air pollution. … Continue reading

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Europe at its ‘best’ takes legal action against UK at its ‘worst’ on air pollution

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European Commission (Commission) has sent the UK a ‘Letter of formal notice’ for breaching nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limit values in 16 of 43 zones.  The UK is the first of the EU’s 28 Member States to receive enforcement action on … Continue reading

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First ever rankings of Top 10 death rates for every London borough

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London Health Commission urged to consider separately exposures, health impacts and outcomes.  Prevention is better than cure and protection is not just about treating the unwell Clean Air in London commissioned the Office for National Statistics to rank the top … Continue reading

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Most-read stories of 2013

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A look back at the campaign letters and media releases that proved the most popular in 2013 January Quick guide to air pollution and the ‘Year of Air’ Outcome: Commissioner Potočnik’s Clean Air Policy Package published on 18 December … Continue reading

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Stop hiding air pollution and ban diesel exhaust in two stages to 2020 as coal was banned 60 years ago

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Ultra low emission zone: Diesel exhaust is the problem; and banning it is the solution Transport for London is expected to propose the Euro 6 standard for diesel and the Euro 4 standard for petrol for the Central Congestion Charging … Continue reading

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Timely reminder: We need effective, independent and periodic tailpipe testing

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Diesel particulate filter check required as part of MOT test from February 2014 Timely reminder of the importance of fully operational diesel particulate filters and emissions control systems and the need for the final Trilogue meeting next Monday to ensure … Continue reading

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Mayor takes more backward steps from his Air Quality Strategy and London Plan

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Consultation on draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on ‘The Control of Dust and Emissions during Construction and Demolition’  Mayor is proposing to entrench weak standards for Non-Road Mobile Machinery at ‘High risk sites’ across most of Greater London from 1 September … Continue reading

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Government lobbying for changes that would weaken emissions systems tests

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Government is lobbying, with others in the Council of Ministers, for changes that would weaken new roadworthiness tests for emissions systems across Europe  This is a Red Line issue.  European Commission and European Parliament must withdraw from negotiations with the … Continue reading

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Latest national and local death rates for air pollution

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Hillingdon tops ‘National list of shame’ for increase in deaths attributable to air pollution (PM2.5).  Gateshead tops ‘National list of fame’ with the death rate falling by 0.72% to 4.18% Death rate worsened in 15 of 33 boroughs in London … Continue reading

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Response to ‘Call for Evidence – Review of the Clean Air Act’

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Call for Evidence excludes the Government’s views or proposed policy options and has not considered the feasibility of implementing selected stakeholders’ views for ‘improving’ the Act Clean Air Act must be updated for modern fuels and technologies and enforced, together with other air pollution … Continue reading

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Mayor takes five backward steps from his own London Plan

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Consultation on ‘Air Quality Neutral’ in Sustainable Design and Construction SPG By setting lax standards for developers the Mayor is forcing himself to introduce draconian transport measures to reduce carcinogenic air pollution and comply with limit values Dear Mayor Johnson I … Continue reading

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It’s official: Outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer

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World Health Organisation classifies outdoor air pollution and particulate matter as carcinogenic to humans The specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organisation, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), announced today that it has classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic … Continue reading